Texas in Texas 4″ x 3 1/2″ – embroidered reflective patch


Our USA in Texas patch wears vibrant red and true blue on its retro-reflective white background. It can be worn anywhere but looks particularly good on the chest or arms.

This patch uses white retroreflective material.

Nightfire Patches® embroidered reflective patches add cool designs and safety to your clothes, backpack, jacket, shirt, chaps, and pants with superior visibility and reflectivity!

These embroidered reflective patches are reflective up to 700ft and are made from DOD (Department of Defense) and DOT (Department of Transportation) approved retro-reflective material.

The self-adhesive back makes them easy to apply and hold on even in high winds. For added durability, they can be ironed on and sewn on. For permanent applications, sewn-on is recommended. This is the same material used on safety vests.

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Nightfire Patches® are better than a typical embroidered reflective patch

At Nightfire Patches, we make this embroidered reflective patch from the finest quality reflective materials available.

The reflective part of a patch is the backing cloth called twill. It comes in black, white and silver/grey colors. Silver/grey is the most common, but we use a lot of black and white because it is great looking on many of our designs and just as bright white at night. This patch uses white retroreflective twill.

The more you can see the twill, the more reflective surface you have. The embroidery thread is not retroreflective like the twill so the more added threads the less visibility at night. Our designs maximize the benefits of retroreflective technology like 3M™ Scotchlite™ Material. Click here to learn more.

This is the same material used safety vests like road workers wear. You can have the same safety and still look great in the daylight with reflective Nightfire Patches.

Our patches come with self-adhesive backs. They can also be ironed on and sewn on. To learn more about attaching your patch, Click Here.

Nightfire Patches®’ secret is retro-reflectivity

Retro-reflective materials cause light to return directly back to its source. Some materials and colors like white or yellow might seem bright but at night they are difficult to see. We have a video below that demonstrates this. We use materials that bounce much more light straight back toward a light source such as the headlights of a car. This makes them startlingly visible in dark conditions from any angle. Watch this demonstration.

360-degree visibility

That’s right, our embroidered reflective patch material causes the light to go straight back no matter what the angle is. Some patches on the market claim to be reflective, but only retro-reflective materials can be seen from more than a few feet away at night. Nightfire Patches® uses the highest quality retro-reflective materials available in manufacturing our copyrighted designs and are highly visible at seven hundred feet and beyond. Take a look at the video below. We proudly use 3M products as seen in these videos.

Light hits normal material and scatters.                        Light hits retro-reflective material and bounces straight back. This is why it is easy to

Light hits normal material and scatters.        Light hits retro-reflective material and bounces straight back.

To learn how these materials work, check out 3M™ Scotchlite™ Material

Types of Reflection



This approach causes a large amount of reflected light to shine directly back to the original light source and appears the brightest.

Diffuse Reflection example

Diffuse Reflection

This type of material results in very little light returned to the source. Light is scattered as it hits the surface.

Mirror Reflection example

Mirror Reflection

With a mirror, light reflects at the same angle as it comes in from the source. Light is not returned to the source.



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