FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Nightfire Patches

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Nightfire Patches

Q. Are the patches colorfast, or will they “bleed” when washed?
A. The rayon or polyester/rayon thread is colorfast, and won’t run onto other fabrics.

Liz’s tests: I’ve had the pink rose patches and the purple and pink hearts on a white mesh jacket for over three years without any color bleeding whatsoever in the laundry. The patches have gone through the washer with all my whites, and there’s been no transfer of color to my other clothes.

Q. How long does the peel and stick feature last?
A. We’ve used the peel and stick on our leathers and have never sewn them on–even after four thousand miles of riding, in everything from 30-degree weather to sweltering heat. On our mesh and other materials we’ve used the peel & stick but had to iron down on the edges and points (using the press cloth method we describe in “Attach Your Patch”). They’re still on without sewing (can you tell we are lazy and don’t like to sew?), but we have to re-iron them a bit after washing. We do recommend sewing for the longest lasting method, but the peel and stick and iron-on features offer alternatives and instant gratification.

Liz’s tests: I’ve got some leather chaps and a jacket that I decided to change patches on. I peeled off patches I’d peeled & stuck a couple of thousand miles earlier. I didn’t have any damage to my leathers. The peel and stick feature left a little glue that I rubbed off pretty easily. Not all leathers are made the same way, so we can’t guarantee you’ll have the same experience, but I thought that was great and worth mentioning.

Russ’ tests: I decided to change some patches on my mesh and material jacket when we got new ones in. I’d ironed mine on, and they’d been there for several thousand miles, so I wondered if they’d damage my jacket when I peeled them off. Turned out it wasn’t a problem, and they didn’t seem to leave any significant residual glue. I stuck on the new ones and was ready to ride. I changed some others that were peeled & stuck on my cowhide leather, and after I rubbed off a little residual glue, the leather looked great. I stuck the new one on and rode!

Q. How do the patches age?
A. Our tests have been going for several years, now, and the patches are holding up great. The embroidery threads stay tight, and the reflectivity seems as good as ever. The vinyl patches are solid and are still reflective on our helmets, etc. It’s going to depend on what you put yours through, of course, but they’re pretty tough.

Liz’s tests: After 1500 miles of riding in 80 to 105-degree weather, and after lots of washing my white mesh and ironing down the patches afterward, I held up a new patch next to the old ones. They still looked great, and the colors were true, although the white material took on a creamy tone after being exposed to all the dust, grime, bugs, heat, and detergent. I checked on the staffs’ silver-grey patches after the same time and conditions, and they looked as good as ever.

Russ’ tests: We changed some vinyl patches on helmets after a couple of years–we didn’t see any degradation to the helmet when they were removed. Had some residual glue to rub off, but the helmet looked like new, and we stuck on more vinyl patches.

Q. Can I get a custom patch?
A. Please see our “Custom” section for all the answers on this – it’ll answer most of your questions. (Hey, that’s why we write this stuff!) Be aware that custom retro-reflective patches are not cheap—they are the same high-end products we produce for the site and cost equivalently.

Q. Can I talk you into making my custom design and selling it on your website, so I only have to buy one?
A. We have a long list of patches we’re planning to produce as we expand. Before we create a new patch, we have to decide if it’s going to appeal to a lot of buyers, since these are high-end, expensive to produce products. We’re always willing to listen to ideas, (and we get lots of them), but it’s the actual buyers from our website who give us the best clues on what to produce. Feel free to send suggestions to: ideas@NightfirePatches.com

Q. I ordered patches — what can you tell me about their delivery?
A. We send your patches through the U.S. Mail, with first-class shipping, unless you opt for Priority Mail. We place tracking on all our orders to limit fraudulent claims, so if your order hasn’t arrived in a reasonable time frame we can trace its delivery status. Please be sure to accurately enter your shipping information, since we can’t be responsible for incorrectly entered shipping addresses. We don’t retype them, which avoids typos on our end. Please also make that your shipping location is a secure environment in which to receive large envelopes or packages since we are not responsible for deliveries once the postal service has provided delivery to the shipping address you provide to our shopping cart. We are only responsible for providing proof that we have shipped to the address provided.

Q. Can I use one of your Nightfire Patch design for a tattoo, or something else?
A. As all copyright holders should, we restrict the use of our original copyrighted designs. If you want to use one of our designs, please contact us first, and give us as much information as possible about the use. We must issue written permission for you to use the design. Those using our designs without first obtaining written permission may be subject to prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Fast Facts on Retro-Reflective Patches:

  • Don’t stick vinyl retro-reflective patches on soft surfaces. They’re meant for hard surfaces like helmets (see “Attach Your Patch”).
  • Don’t stick embroidered retro-reflective patches to helmets, bikes, etc. They’re meant to be used on clothing or outerwear (See “Attach Your Patch”).
  • Don’t launder vinyl retro-reflective patches! They aren’t meant for clothing, and they don’t respond well to washing machines or dryers.
  • We don’t recommend putting embroidered retro-reflective patches in heated dryers. It’s possible that the plastic iron-on/peel & stick backing could melt onto other clothing. Air-drying is best.
  • Peel & Stick works great on most stuff, but have your patches sewn down for best, long term results (see “Attach Your Patch”).


Q. How do I become a dealer of Nightfire Patches?
A. If you’re a patch re-seller, or have a shop that sells motorcycles or their accessories, snowmobiles or their accessories, bicycles or their accessories, or feel that your business is a good fit for our patches, please contact us! Let us know where you’re located, your name, the name of your business, what your business sells, your phone number, your website address, and send us your e-mail address at inquiries@NightfirePatches.com. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Volume Orders

Volume orders should be verified first by e-mail or telephone to insure that we have enough inventory to supply your needs in a timely fashion. All volume orders are final but are warranted for defects. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone in advance of placing an order, or for discount information.

International Orders

Our website currently processes orders from the USA and its protectorates. We can fill international orders using the following process:

Send an e-mail to: orders@NightfirePatches.com We can return calls to most of Canada, but all other countries should use e-mail for communication with us.

Please include:

  • Which patches you are interested in ordering, and how many of each
  • Your shipping address
  • and your PayPal e-mail address.
  • If you are not a PayPal member, you can still use your charge card through PayPal. Let us know that you are not a member, and we’ll send you the invoice and instructions for processing. If you have questions please e-mail us at inquiries@NightfirePatches.com We will be happy to start a dialogue.
  • International shipments are not guaranteed for delivery since we can’t provide tracking or insurance to many countries or locations. If you would like to add insurance or to have your order sent by registered mail, we can check the costs and availability for your location.

Contacting Us

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About Our Company and Products

We’re a family-run, Texas-based company. When you get a shipment, e-mail, or phone call from our company, it’s from somebody who cares about the product and your satisfaction. If we’re busy when you call or e-mail we’ll do our best to get your questions answered as soon as we can.

We get asked a lot about how we came up with the idea for these patches. Anybody who has ever ridden a motorcycle knows that there’s a need to be more visible—especially at night and whether you ride single or in a pack.

High visibility vests provide good daytime vis, but just haven’t got that cool factor, and mostly disappear at night. Anything that isn’t retro-reflective disappears in the dark, but who wants to add road-worker tape to their leathers or mesh.

We did a lot of looking for high reflectivity that also had some kind of cool factor to put on our helmets, jackets, and chaps. Finding few practical all-weather solutions, we eventually began working on our own designs, inspired by tattoo art we’d seen. It took about six months to get set up and to produce our first patch. By the time the research and testing was done, we’d finally come up with something we were willing to wear, adding day or night visibility and style.

It’s our goal to produce only super reflective gear we’d wear–not just anything that’ll make a buck. If we sell it, we wear it.

We really appreciate your business. We strive to give great customer service and show that we recognize you as an individual and valued customer.

If you purchase a patch and want to show it and your bike off on our website, send us a picture. We’re always collecting pictures to post. We appreciate your comments and insights, too!

Thanks to all our great customers!

Thanks and Ride Safe,

The Nightfire Team