Custom Retroreflective Patches and Decals

Custom Retroreflective Patches and Decals

Nightfire Patches® makes custom embroidered retro-reflective patches only in orders of 50 or more per design, size, and color combination. (All 50 must be of the same size.) Please read the following information before requesting a quote, since it will answer many of your questions, and help us get you pricing. We do not make exceptions on quantity (read “Why Minimums” and Costs”). If you previously had a custom patch made by us, we can refill those orders in batches of 25 patches or more, if that design is still in our system.

Nightfire Patches will make custom vinyl retro-reflective patches in quantities of 50 per design, if we approve your design. We will make exceptions to our minimums if you are interested in upsizing a vinyl design we already sell on our website. Please be prepared for the cost to be 2 1/2 to 3 times the price of the decals available on our website if you upsize, since an enlarged size requires extra work (none of this “just happens” with the push of a button!), and wastes more vinyl material.

Why Minimums?

Customer Reflective Patches and Decal

We set our minimum custom order at 50 patches for each custom design because it’s not cost effective to do fewer. Why? You don’t want to pay almost as much for one custom patch as it costs to produce 50, but that’s how much it would be, due to set-up costs, graphics adjustments, and production costs.


Quality Custom Embroidered Reflective Patches

Retro-reflective material is a high-end product. About fifty thousand glass beads per square inch make up this tightly woven twill, so the cost and effort to produce and work with it is high. It requires special techniques, set-up, and equipment. These cannot be produced cheaply. Pricing of your patches may vary based on intricacy, number of colors, size, and other factors. Do NOT use the cost of non-reflective patches as a guide for the cost of custom retro-reflective patches. Use the general sizing and cost of patches on our website as your guide. You will receive a discount off of our retail pricing, since you will be purchasing 50 patches at one time. Website shipping offers do not apply. Shipping and insurance are extra.


We currently stock retr

o-reflective material for embroidered patches in white, silver-grey, and black. You must choose one of those colors for your custom patch design. Embroidery thread is not retro-reflective at this time, but comes in a very wide variety of colors, including metallic and neon colors. We can match most colors. (If you have PMS colors, please provide the PMS numbers with your information.) We suggest making the most of the retro-reflective material in your design, since that is what will provide reflectivity.

Military Discounts

Customer military and service patches

We do offer military discounts. Please contact us for pricing. We are a qualified CCR and FedBid provider, but are not accepting bids through that system at this time.

Please email the following information to get your estimate for custom patches:

a graphic mock-up of your patch*

the size of your custom patch (width and height)

the colors in your patch, if the graphic does not show them specifically

the number of patches desired for that design (minimum of 50)

your full name, your address, your phone number, and your email address.

Send this information with your request to:

*Small adjustments to your graphic in order to make it ready for production do not incur a charge, but if more graphics work is required to produce your patch, we will notify you. We can provide graphic art services beginning at $85 per design. We can estimate your total graphics charge based on your drawing or description. This charge is non-refundable once paid.

Our 50 number minimum estimate includes design transfer, set up costs, and a sew-on patch option, and generally a merrowed edge on your patch (a higher quality finish for durability and application). If you prefer, we can offer our signature peel&stick/iron-on backing, or a Velcro application for a small increase.

Custom Reflective Patch FAQs:

Q: Can I get a sample of my custom patch to help me decide?
A: We do not make samples of your custom patch, since it costs almost as much to make one patch as it does to make an entire order.

Q: How do I choose a size for my patch?
A: Patches can be just about any size or shape, but as the patch gets bigger, so does the price, since it involves more work and materials. Any patch over 14” in size requires hand finishing, which increases the cost significantly. We suggest that you measure the areas where you want to apply your patch, and choose sizes that will fit comfortably in those spaces.

Q: How soon can I get my Custom Order, and when do I pay?
A: After we finalize your order through a series of emails, we’ll need your payment to process the order and begin work on it. We do not make samples of your patch for your approval, since it costs almost as much to make one patch as it does to make an entire order. You must be at least 18 years of age to order patches, and be able to provide a credit card or use PayPal for payment, and agree to the terms on this website. All custom orders are final, but are warranteed for manufacturing defects. From the time an order is processed and payment has been made, delivery takes about 4 weeks. We cannot “rush” this process, and do not guarantee specific delivery dates, so please order with that approximate timeline in mind.

Q: Sending In Your Design
A: We prefer designs sent in a jpeg format, but we can work with just about anything. The clearer your information, picture, etc., the better we can work with your concept. Please give us as much information as possible about your design, the shape, the size, and what colors you want. Keep in mind that the retro-reflective twill we have is in silver-grey, black, and white.

Q: Can you make any design into a custom patch for me?
A: We can make most original designs or logos into a reflective patch. Don’t send artwork that you don’t have the copyright owner’s permission to use. You are responsible for making sure that you have the right to produce your patch design, and that you are not violating any copyrights or trademarks by doing so. If we recognize a design you send in as being copyrighted or trademarked, we will ask for a copy of the release that allows you to use that design, and verify its origin, and reserve the right to refuse to produce the design.

To learn how these materials work, check out 3M™ Scotchlite™ Material

Nightfire Patches patch designs are copyrighted, and we require you obtain written permission from us for use of our designs in any form, as do most copyright holders. Nightfire Patches also holds a trademark, and reserves the right to protect that trademark legally.

If you have further questions about custom ordering, please contact us at: Please include your phone number, name, and your question.