How to attach vinyl decals

How to attach your reflective vinyl decal by Nightfire Patches.

It is easy to attach vinyl decals and it will adhere firmly to any dry smooth surface.

Nightfire Patches® Decals can be attached to any smooth clean surface. Preparation and patience are important so don’t rush. See the demo videos below.

This method is recommended by the retroreflective material manufacturer. They can also be attached using the wet method.

The dry method to attach vinyl decals.

Clean your hands and the target surface.

Watch the demo video.

Determine the position of your patch BEFORE you start to peel and attach.

If there are separate segments on your design, it can be easier to cut them apart then attach them separately.

TAKE YOUR TIME…DON’T RUSH. Notice if your decal has a start here recommendation.

SLOWLY pull up one edge of the decal and curl the backing paper under as your peel off a SMALL portion of your decal and stick it to the surface. As you continue to roll the backing paper under, the decal will peel off and you can use your finger to press/slide over the surface attaching it to the surface.

Take your time. Don’t rush. You can lift the decal up to fix some errors but it is very sticky and can be stretched or broken so don’t pull hard or fast.

The wet method to attach vinyl decals.

Make sure you use an approved wetting solution for the surface you applying the decal to. We recommend you test it first.

To learn how these materials work, check out 3M™ Scotchlite™ Material



This approach causes a large amount of reflected light to shine directly back to the original light source and appears the brightest.

Diffuse Reflection example

Diffuse Reflection

This type of material results in very little light returned to the source. Light is scattered as it hits the surface.

Mirror Reflection example

Mirror Reflection

With a mirror, light reflects at the same angle as it comes in from the source. Light is not returned to the source.

Want to know more about ANSI? Here is ANSI Made Easy by 3M. Click here.