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Shop Nightfire Reflective Patches that are Embroidered – This is a portal to shop for reflective patches that are embroidered. You can still access the total site. What are Embroidered Reflective Patches? With embroidered reflective patches, the backing material is the part that reflects light. The material is called twill […]

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Shop Nightfire Patches Reflective Vinyl Decals – This is a portal to access only the vinyl reflective decals, but you can still get back to the complete site. What are Vinyl Reflective Decals? With reflective decals, the material reflects light through a clear covering that is tinted or colored. This […]

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Animated example of day versus night with nightfire reflective patches
Nightfire Patches® and Retro-Reflectivity The secret to great reflective patches is retro-reflectivity. Retro-reflectivity is the correct term given to something that has the ability to return light back to its source. Many materials appear to have some small degree of reflectivity, but retro-reflective materials bounce the greatest amount of light […]

Reflective Patches and Decals – How they work

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Nightfire Patches® are easy to attach to a variety of materials, including leather! For the longest lasting hold, we recommend sewing your patch to the clothing you choose. Nightfire Patches’ retro-reflective material can be washed, when washing your clothing, but we recommend using a gentle detergent, no bleach, and air-drying, […]

How to Attach Your Embroidered Patch

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How to attach your reflective vinyl decal by Nightfire Patches. It is easy to do and adheres firmly to any dry smooth surface. Nightfire Patches® Decals can be attached to any smooth clean surface. Preparation and patience are important so don’t rush. See the demo videos below. This method is […]

How to Attach Your Vinyl Decal

Quality Custom Embroidered Reflective Patches
Nightfire Patches® makes custom reflective patches and decals only in orders of 50 or more per design, size, and color combination. (All 50 must be of the same size.) Please read the following information before requesting a quote, since it will answer many of your questions, and help us get […]

Custom Reflective Patches and Decals

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Nightfire Friends Blog Welcome to our nightfire friends blog. Send us your pictures and videos. We love to hear what you are doing and how our products are doing for you too. Send you story, pictures, and video (links) to team@nightfirepatches.com

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